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Cara Main Taruhan 50-50 Togel Online

PARISTOGEL-Permainan togel online adalah permainan yang bisa dimainkan hanya dengan memasang taruhan Rp 1.000,- untuk satu tebakan dan jika tebakan Anda benar, Anda bisa menang 70 kali, 400 kali bahkan 3000 kali lipat dari uang taruhan Anda. Siapa yang tidak akan terlena dengan hadiah ini bukan? Itu lah mengapa banyak sekali penduduk Indonesia yang bermain judi togel ini.

Bagi Anda yang belum tahu seluk-beluk togel, dalam permainan judi togel ini ada banyak sekali jenis permainan tebakan. Untuk orang awam yang tidak pernah bermain judi sudah pasti hanya tahu bahwa togel adalah taruhan menebak angka saja. Padahal dalam permainan togel ini selain tebak angka juga ada tebak shio, colok bebas, kembang-kempis, kombinasi dan 50-50 yang mana disini bukan menebak angka nya melainkan jenis angka nya juga termasuk ke dalam taruhan. Untuk itu lah disini saya akan menjelaskan lebih jauh tentang beragam permainan tebakan di dalam judi togel online ini.

Pada artikel kali ini saya akan membahas tentang cara bermain taruhan 50-50 togel online. Jika Anda adalah seorang pemain judi togel online, tentu Anda sudah tahu jenis permainan satu ini. Cara bermain untuk togel yang satu ini sangat mudah dipahami juga tidak terlalu rumit, sehingga setelah membaca artikel saya ini nantinya Anda akan langsung bisa bermain taruhan 50-50 ini. Cara bermainnya hampir sama dengan permainan dasar yang sudah saya bahas di artikel saya sebelumnya, namun pada permainan 50-50 ini Anda harus menentukan posisi angka.

Dalam Result Pasaran apapun hasilnya akan selalu 4 angka. Kita anggap saja 4 angka ini huruf ya.
Result : A B C D

A disebut AS

B disebut KOP

C disebut KEPALA

D disebut EKOR

Adapun dalam permainan 50-50 ini ada 4 pilihan kelompok angka yaitu :

Kelompok Angka Kecil = 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Kelompok Angka Besar = 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9

Kelompok Angka Ganjil = 1 , 3 , 5 , 7 , 9

Kelompok Angka Genap = 0 , 2 , 4 , 6 , 8

Berikut Contoh Taruhan nya :

Result PARIS 5864

Berarti tebakan yang menjadi pemenang adalah :

As = 5 = Ganjil dan Besar

Kop = 8 = Genap dan Besar

Kepala = 6 = Genap dan Besar

Ekor = 4 = Genap dan Kecil

Jika Anda menebak sesuai dengan posisi nya (As, Kop, Kepala maupun Ekor) dan pas jenis angka nya, maka Anda menang.

Perhitungan Uang Kemenangan untuk 50-50

Nah, di sini saya mengambil perhitungan dari situs togel online yang sudah pasti terpercaya. Di sini Anda tidak perlu takut untuk memasang taruhan Anda karena berapapun hasil kemenangan Anda pasti dibayar. Ditambah lagi situs ini sekarang sedang mengadakan Promo Poin Reward yang mana dari Rp1.000,- kekalahan Anda mendapatkan 1 poin, yang bisa ditukar dengan hadiah menarik yang sudah disediakan oleh situs ini. Ayo segera daftar di situs togel singapore ini dan raih keuntungan berlipat Anda sekarang.

Di situs ini, nilai Kei atau uang air untuk permainan 50-50 ini adalah -2.5%.
Adapun untuk perhitungan uang kemenangannya adalah :

(nilai taruhanx2) + uang Kei

Contohnya :

Result singapore 5864

Anda menebak Kepala Besar dengan bet Rp 50.000,-

  • Yang Anda bayar adalah 50.000 + (50.000 x 2,5%) = 50.000 + 1.250 = Rp 51.250,-
  • Karena tebakan Anda benar, maka Anda mendapat uang kemenangan Rp 101.250,-

Nah, demikian artikel saya tentang permainan judi togel taruhan 50-50 ini. Bagaimana, mudah bukan? Silahkan bagi Anda yang sudah tidak sabar mencoba bermain taruhan ini. Salam JP selalu.

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Togel singapore

History and Origins of Singapore Online Lottery Betting

Want to know the game Togel closer? Get info now on Togel Predictions. Where Togel online is an online lottery magazine that is very useful for lottery lovers.

All lottery issues, starting from the history of the Singapore Togel, the history of the Hong Kong Togel, and the history of the Sydney Togel. In addition to the lottery history, Togel Prediction Magazine will also discuss the problem of Togel Prediction, ranging from Singapore Togel Prediction to Hong Kong Togel Prediction.

Singapore Togel Betting History Entering Indonesia

For the new, for the world community and Indonesia. In Indonesia, Togel originated from legal activities to contribute to sports activities in the 80s known as SDSB (Social Funds Donations with Gifts)

With protests from various elements of society and religion, SDSB Legality was finally stopped, and all activities using white gambling were rejected.

At the same time, the players who already have a lottery hobby finally started to like shooting numbers in secret. Now, from gambling activities that are completely hidden, gambling is finally called a lottery or dark toto. Why are people interested in playing the lottery? There are several reasons that encourage people to play Togel Singapore betting :

1. The tempting advantage
By buying 1000 rupiahs and the amount taken is 4d, then if you get 2,500,000, you can imagine, it’s very tempting, even though the logic is, if you want to get a completely free lottery number

Number 2d = 01 – 99 = 100
Results if exposed to 60,000

So if we buy 100 numbers from 00 to 99 with a capital of 100,000, it would be very effective to shoot it, but the results we get are 60,000 free while our capital is 100.00 so we have produced 40,000.

2. Feeling curious
Like other types of gambling also attract people to be curious.

The number that comes out is 2011 and the
amount purchased is 2012.
Then people will receive curiosity because there is only one lucky number difference.

3. Join the association
The influence of the association cannot be changed from the lives of lottery players. Adults and children can increase their impact.
By seeing friends who get money from the lottery. Finally, I participated in buying, if it doesn’t hit, I’m curious. And if it is hit, it will buy again. Continously.

A Guide To Playing Singapore Lottery For Beginners

  • Counting Numbers

Counting numbers is one of the ways Togeler often does, even though in mathematics even lottery numbers can never be predicted.

  • Direct guessing

In addition to counting, the draw if usually shot directly by the players.

  • Take advantage of dreams

Toto players also often play out of their minds, dreams are made like dreams even though “the dream is just an unexpected sleep flower”

Based on google search data, there are 3 countries that have the largest offer to find information about the lottery, namely:
1. Hong Kong / HK
2. Singapore / SGP
3. Indonesia / Indonesia

What Awaits Please Register Yourself at the Safest and Most Trusted Online Togel Agent Get A Variety Of Bonuses And Discounts On Each Of Your Togel Installations.

It is no longer an age to do togel through the airport, please register and do your own tugel installation and get its own benefits.

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Various kinds of Roulette Online – Play Roulette for Free on the Web

Roulette is just one of the most interesting games so it’s no wonder online sites put it in their own list of matches. Players can move from cloth to wealth or vice versa with the blink of an eye. It also proved to be very addictive because players tried to win against the wheel. Online roulette guidelines may change depending on online casino sites, but the basics of playing with matches remain exactly the same. Online casinos add their special conditions to make the game more interesting and can increase bets because they want to. There are various types of online roulette based at internet casinos. Casino internet sites provide European, European, French and American roulette. Online sites can also implement progressive jackpots.

Online roulette

Online roulette is no different from the actual game title. The main objective of the game is to guess how the ball will land at the end of the wheel rotation. Players can bet on a number, groups of numbers, their wheel tone, and odd and possible. Each casino has the appropriate minimum and maximum bet amounts. Even the most common types of bets include double or high, low or red, black and black line bets. Many casinos also offer named bets where gamers give a number to the series. This series depends on how the numbers are located close to each other.

American and European French Roulette

The design is still exactly the same based on the type of roulette that the casino presents. European roulette uses only one zero wheel while American roulette uses double zero wheel. French Blackjack uses a so-called bet. Casinos can also have innovative jackpots at certain times such as players. Roulette is a casino game that is entirely based on chance, however, the host advantage may play a role in the possibility of winning. European sports are less troublesome than the versions because it is a double zero which increases the chances of the home supporting it themselves. There are various methods in roulette, but when all is said and done, it mostly depends on possibility. This is truly a non-interactive game and is mostly inflexible but very easy.

Participate in Roulette Online

In online blackjack, players must register and make a deposit to their casino account. This money is then converted into a processor that can be used by players. Many casinos have arbitrary quantity generators to ensure that the drama is rational. The player will click on the button to spin the wheel. You can find many online casino websites that have internet blackjack, plus they all offer various types. The absolutely crucial things that players need to keep in mind aside from fair play is your payment. Online casinos have a history of delayed payments and missed Result sgp .

Roulette is just one game you can see online. It takes a lot of risks similar to other gambling games but doesn’t require more skills. If you would rather have a simple game that doesn’t require a lot of trust and plans like poker, this will really be the game for you personally.

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